• individual approach 
  • professional tips and tricks that no one would show you on youtube
  • you choose the project to work on
  • does not matter if you are beginner or intermediate
  • 12 hours of sewing
  • fashion designers equipped studio in the city centre
  • the CEO and fashion designer of TO.GET.HER will be your lecturer
5 000 Kč

Is your head full of beautiful designs, but you do not know how to realize them? I´m here to teach you!


Doesn´t matter if you are a beginner or intermediate. Together we will discuss your skills and choose the best project to gain new skills and practice. 


Usually I recommend following program for beginners:

- say hello to unnecessary gadgets and meet new friends - sewingmachines

- learn how to properly handle the sewingmachine and which stitches are suitable for various materials

- how to iron and prepare fabrics for cutting like a pro

- translation of the uknown language and reading secrets of Burda magazine 

(All this we will handle in the first class. Then we will move on to sewing finally! )

- sewing a canvas bag 

- sewing a skirt

- sewing a T-shirt

The combination of theese 3 products will teach you how to handle both stretchy and nonstretch fabrics, basic types of seams, sewing zipper or rubberband etc. We will also make a cutting pattern for each of theese product, which you can use repeatedly.


Are you an intermediate?

You know how to handle the sewingmachine but you want to gain more confidence in sewing more complicated clothes?  Good! You will choose your own project and I will help you master it to perfection. Does not matter if it´s more smaller projects or one very hard.  For example learning new techniques (french seams, hemming, interfacing) or sewing jackets, coats, evening dress from delicate and hard to handle fabrics.


TO.GET.HER we will spend 12 hours of sewing. Usually 2 hours a week (6 weeks total) or a weekend. Lectures are always just for one person, not a group. 


What will you need? 

Fabrics for your dream projects, threads in matching colours and components. It´s good to bring patience and apetite for new informations also.

The rest, including good vibes and tasty coffee, is my responsibility.


Come to share joy from handcrafting your ideas and making your dreams come true!

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